Wild Wyatt's Beefalo Jerky

Wild Wyatt's Beefalo Jerky, now available!

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Fresh Water

This beautiful spring-fed creek provides cool clean water for our cattle.

Green Grass

We rely on over 80 acres of lush green grass and clover to feed our growing herd.

Ready for the cattle

This pasture is ready for cattle in our rotational grazing program.

Hawk Farms now is your source for CID Implements/ Attachments for skid steers and tractors. Also ask about our HF line! Call 864-590-8571 for more information

Beefalo Breeding Stock

We have built an excellent foundation of Beefalo breeding stock and provide a variety of options for breeding stock to help your herd.


Beefalo Meat

  • Beefalo meat is wonderful lean red meat that provides a myriad of vitamins and minerals. It is a lean, high-protein, great tasting, locally grown red meat.
  • We are a small family-owned producer which means we feed our family the same high quality meat we are proud to sell to you.
  • Our animals graze on 145 acres of pasture or coastal bermuda grass hay without the influence of  steroids or hormones.
  • We custom process to ensure freshness – we don’t store meat. You choose the cuts, the thickness, and the package size.  It is vacuum-packaged and delivered directly to you.
  • Contact us for pricing and availability.