About Us

We began buying cattle with the simple desire to control the quality of the red meat that we were feeding to our family. Realizing that in order to grow our cattle herd we needed to sell some of our meat, we began supplying beef to our family and friends. Quickly we found that the desire for healthy, nutritious meat was great! We decided to concentrate our effort into raising a Beefalo herd only based on the nutritious elements of the Beefalo.


Our Beefalo are raised without the use of growth hormones. Our 145 Acre farm has pastures full of quality grass and clover for our Beefalo to enjoy a grass fed diet. You will see and taste a difference!

Our Beefalo have quickly gained a following and our growth is allowing us to broaden our reach to families all over the upstate. Call us today to learn more about our cattle and our farm!

Jeff and Sara Hawk