• Keith

    The Beefalo from Hawk Farms is some of the best tasting meat I have ever eaten- and I live in Texas!

  • Casey

    I love Beefalo! It is very lean but also very tasty. With Hawk Farms I know where the meat comes from, I know the cows are free range and antibiotic free. Jeff and Sara will even let you come and pet the cows!

  • Dwayne

    If high quality beef is important to you and your family , Hawk Farms is the place to make your next purchase. The quality & Taste is a step above the rest.

  • Rob

    From my multiple experiences with Hawk Farms they have continued to deliver 100% satisfaction.

  • Nancy

    The Beefalo was easy to prepare and tasted great in all my beef recipes.

  • Linda

    Their beef is simply the best!!!!! We got some last fall.  I won’t buy any other beef from anyone else again!  It is very moist and lean and very high quality.  It’s nice to see how they are grown and taken care of and know where your meat comes  from.

  • Eric

    The flavor of Beefalo alone makes the purchase absolutely worth it! It’s fresh, mild, beef with a hint of distinction that you can’t miss. Additionally you get the health benefits of less calories than even chicken and some fish.

  • Dave & Gina

    What amazes me about Beefalo from Hawk Farms is how juicy and tender it is and at the same time it is low in fat. I believe it is the answer to our need for a healthy meat.

  • Sara

    I like that when cooking the hamburger you get out of the pan basically the same amount that you started with. It’s not fatty or greasy like most store bought burger.

  • Adam

    Hawk Farms meat tastes better than even the local fresh market meat.

  • Jeff

    Cook your steaks low and slow (not past medium) and your mouth will love it!

  • Jeff A

    The meat that I recieved from Hawk Farms was extremely lean and surprisingly juicy.

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