• Kris S.

    Hamburgers were sensational!!!

  • Kris S.

    Andrea and I had the strip steaks tonight. They were DELICIOUS!

  • Nathan S.

    Burgers were excellent. My 8 year old said, ” Man, those were some good burgers.” He’s the burger snob of the family. They were dense and filling, not greasy. Good flavor.

  • Drew and Diana H.

    “Had marinated skirt steaks and potatoes last night and homemade meat spaghetti sauce tonight. Fantastic product you’re producing! We’ve really noted a difference in the quality.”

  • Clay and Angie D.

    “We have thoroughly enjoyed every cut of Beefalo meat we’ve eaten. The steaks. burgers and roasts have been tender and juicy with tons of flavor, and knowing we have healthy, quality meat with no additives means a lot to us! Hawk Farms has been a pleasure to do business with and we will be back!”

  • David D.

    “We had burgers again last night. Delicious!”

  • Jarad H.

    Just wanted to let you know that the Beefalo burger I had last night was awesome. Super juicy and tasty.

  • Eric F.

    That Beefalo was unreal! It was the juiciest, softest, most tasty steak I’ve ever made. You could cut that steak with a fork.

  • David M.

    That fillet is the best piece of meat I have seen in my life. You guys are AWESOME!

  • Daniela T.

    I know I don’t have to tell you how my food turns out after I use your beefalo, but this really needs to be said. Today I made meatloaf and it doesn’t feel greasy while preparing it!! I am VERY, VERY, happy with my purchase. My in laws loved the meatballs I made with the meat the other day. I love that the grease isn’t all over the baking sheet! Awesome! I think you are underselling your product! I am so glad that we bought it and thank you for helping people eat better. I am just very, very happy…please put us on your list for next year.
  • Chris J.

    We love Beefalo!

  • Keith H.

    Hawk Farms meat is juicer than regular red meat with a great rich flavor! I highly recommend them!!

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