Beefalo Cooking

Beefalo is the perfect pairing of cow and buffalo. It’s lean meat is lower in fat and calories than standard red meat and the taste is a perfect mix. So, how does it cook? The answer is that in most cooking applications, beefalo will cook on the same temperature and in the same manner, except that it will cook a little faster as it has less fat to insulate the meat.

Probably the greatest difference in cooking will be on the grill.  Beefalo will cook faster than other red meat. Well-done beefalo steaks and burgers will appear light pink, while rare is deep red. Beefalo will always look more rare than what you are used to. One rule of thumb that we use is the beefalo steaks/burgers will always LOOK one temperature level less than regular red meat. For example, if you are grilling a medium steak, the steak will look medium rare in your eyes compared to other red meat. However, your meat thermomer will tell you it is medium. If you cook all the pink out of your beefalo, you will find that you have cooked all of the juices out of the meat. Use a meat thermometer to check that your beefalo is cooked through the first few times you grill.

We enjoy cooking stews and roasts in our crock pot. Set it and forget it! For stew meat, we use the Meat/Stew setting on our Instant Pot for tender meat in less time.

Enjoy some recipes provided by friends of our farm!

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